The Best Multiplayer Games of the decade (Updated)

The Best Multiplayer Games of the decade (Updated)

If you are looking for over the top multiplayer experiences, search no more. We assembled a list of the best multiplayer PC games. From fast paced first person action shooters and real time strategies, to chaotic cooking couch co-ops, here is our list of the top 15 multiplayer games you can play on your PC and consoles. Whether you’re rubbing shoulders together with your frenemies on the couch or going solo here you will find that special game to fulfill your gaming needs and gives you the best bang for your buck in 2020.


Whether you would like to squad up for epic PvE raids, duke it out against other players in PvP or combing both at the same time, remember – Destiny 2 ticks all the boxes. It’s a very entertaining and fast paced online shooter for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. With the Forsaken expansion that addresses many character issues and going free-to-play to Steam, Bungie is expanding its awesome loot and shoot formula to a wider audience.


One of the latest entries to the battle royal formula, Apex Legends proved a worthy competitor to both Fortnite and Player Unknown Battlegrounds. With its hyper-mobile gameplay and emphasis on team cooperation, you can easily sink dozens of hours and while scratching that “I’ll be the best in this game” itch. Don’t forget you don’t need a budget for this game: It’s free and all about skill!!


Epic’s Fortnite is the big kahuna of free to play battle royals. Its core concept of real time structure creation, action oriented gameplay, lighthearted cartoony style took the world by storm a few years back. In this new decade it still holds up as the battle royal leader, with constant fresh updates that improve the formula.


The 2 titans of the MOBA genre! Before you reach radical conclusions by jumping to one camp or the other, please remember, we mean to recommend that you chose one, not both. These games are about mastery, patience, rage and are quite a time sink. Both game concepts are very similar, so see which one you and your friends prefer to play. While Dota 2 is more visually polished, League of Legends has more mechanical depth. The fan bases for both games are huge, but you will need patience and a bit of toxicity immunity to get through the first few matches, especially in Dota 2. Nonetheless playing together with your friends can leave you with tons of memorable gaming experiences – such as crushing the enemy team while playing as a support character.


Originally launched in 2007 Team fortress 2 still holds as one of the best FPS multiplayer experiences. It was such a massive hit, that it populated Youtube with all sorts of creative videos. It is considered to have been a design inspiration for the Overwatch development team. With its variety of mods, characters and skills, it’s fun to play with friends or complete strangers.


For fans of the legendary publisher Blizzard, there might be no other shooter like Overwatch. It mixes the best action elements and goal oriented stage mechanics from Team Fortress with League of Legends hero skills and variety. This very fast and colourful shooter follows the formula easy to play and hard to master. Each character radiates personality and since Blizzard is expanding its world with Overwatch 2 (coming in 2020) this shooter can definitely be called the revitalization of the team-based shooter.


Counter-Strike is one of the classic ego shooters and defined the gaming experience of a whole generation. Opposing teams play against one another in bomb defusal or hostage rescue missions. The latest version Counter-Strike: Global Offensive has a lot of buzz around it on the Esport scene and still holds very well after all these years. Conceived by Valve as nothing more than an ambitious console port, today it has millions of players worldwide. Imagine it going viral on the consoles!


Rocket League feels great to play both split screen and online. You will hear the Ah’s and Oh’s coming from the couch regularly. because the ball zooms from one end of the field to the opposite with astonishing speed, punctuated by an obligatory elbow-to-the-ribs to stop an inevitable goal. In spite of a few failed first attempts way back in the day, Rocket League is a huge success. It is mostly in part due to its streamlined design and in order to get there, the Psyonix needed a lot of experimentation. Imagine kicking a ball across the field with a car. It’s a concept that resonated far wider than just car-enthusiasts, gamers from everywhere joining this awesome community.


Rainbow Six takes a quieter, more tactical approach to its pacing in matches as opposed to the bombastic action shooters like Counter Strike and Call of Duty. Doing so, the game made players feel like a highly trained, goggle-wearing, silent and deadly MP5-toting specialist. The newest Rainbow Six Siege entry evokes that very same feeling and adds additional meta changes. In spite of surface-level similarities to the FPS darling CS:GO, Ubisoft have made hostage rescue gameplay feel more realistic and tactical through details like: wall reinforcement, laying barbed wires and removing the heroic non-realistic scoping of an enemy from two rooftops away. Rainbow Six Siege is all about team effort,communication meticulous planning and flawless strategy execution.


More than 6 years since release arma 3 is still a great military sandbox shooter where players get to experience massive battlefields, while gibbering unintelligibly when close to nearby choppers and tanks. It has complexity, large scale maps and fenomenal community mods, so grab your friends and jump in one of the most immersive action multiplayer games out there.


Titanfall 2 boasts one the best single-player FPS levels in recent memory. Respan also utilizes its parkour mechanics mixed with giant mech based combat to deliver on one of the most dynamic multiplayer games around. The giant robots complement your playstyle and it never gets old to turn a dire situation into an overwhelming win, once your Mech-buddie stomps on the battlefield.


Unreal Tournament has made a significant contribution to the landscape of online FPS games. You would think that chasing power-ups, armor shards, and super-weapons may have fallen out of favor since 1999, but the formula stands and is improved through games like the new Doom series and Quake Champions. The pace, game modes, and map designs ensure Unreal Tournament remains one among the most memorable multiplayer games you’ll play.


Overcooked is all about having fun with friends and trying to work together with random internet dwellers, of course. That said beware, Town Games’ Overcooked will strain even the strongest of friendships. The pure chaos of this couch co-op cooking game is not revealed immediately. Shrouded beneath a cute, colorful aesthetic, you will slowly master the game and fly, or better said “fry to the skies”? You are tasked with saving the planet from a massive meatball, it is that ridiculous and very well crafted. Remember, after a few kitchen adventures, there is a chance, you and your friends may start shouting at one another louder than Gordon Ramsay walking with lego filled shoes in the kitchen.


Towerfall ascension name sounds contradictory right, but make no mistake it’s one of the best couch games out there. Compete against your rivals in order to determine whose arrow will pierce its way to victory. This frantic archery combat game will challenge your meaning of fast paced gameplay since matches can be finished in the blink of an eye and a winner to stand on top of fallen buddies.


A series first released in 1995, Worms is a concept, a brand and multiplayer game that withstands the test of time aging like a fine wine. It is no mystery that a simple banana and a seemingly harmless sheep can bring massive landscape disasters in this 2D tactical game and many a Worm have been sunk in the water because of them. One can only wonder how many friendships strengthened because of their cartoony humour and slick moves. There are many battles still to be played and many tactics to be explored by those who grew a spine worthy of a Worm, even in 2020.

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