Best Smartphones for Business in 2020

Best Smartphones for Business in 2020

When going for a business phone in 2020 there is no one right answer. Similar to when finding a new smartphone for private use you should understand what features you prioritize over others. What you go for can become a great first impression, but remember in order to get a deal done you’ll need to deliver on skills, communications and a proactive attitude to your skills too.

Both Android and iOS phones allow for quick access to features like office-related apps, email access, security features, and communication tools. Note: you should also know that models today are becoming increasingly waterproof, so no more panic attacks when the device somehow reaches a liquid surface

In this list, we want to provide you our top picks for business phones from different categories that may help you with your choice in finding the right one for you. 

Top picks by category:

  • Best Apple: iPhone 11 Pro

It’s slick and made to impress comes with the latest security features like improved face ID and granular security options, for how much information you want to share with the device or users other than you if you are willing to pay the price, it’s basically a better version of the iPhone XS – marketed as the best iPhone ever. The triple camera will help showcase any content done on the field and its battery life and A13 Bionic processor life makes it easier to stay in long meetings while utilizing it at max capability.

  • Best Samsung: Samsung Galaxy Note 10

Just as its predecessor Note 9 its features are aimed specifically at business users, with integrated, computer display control, video playback control, Spen writing to text and sketching on the move. It can basically replace a desktop PC (via USB) in a pinch. No need to mention the 12GB RAM and 7nm processor, that allows you to access your Drive and download files in an instant. From cloud to screen in a second Google also partnered with Microsoft for improved security in this device. 

  • Best Value: OnePlus 7 Pro

The flagship has received many “phones of the year” awards (2019) and is also a formidable business phone. It comes with similar features to those of Samsung Note 10 and while these aren’t as polished as Note 10 (a stronger camera and better sound), with a starting price of 669 USD it is the best value for your dollar device.

A secret ingredient for success

The range of cloud services has increased tremendously in the past decade and mobile phones have become an indispensable tool for business everywhere. While it doesn’t automatically yield success, having a device that complements your day to day activities can increase your chances of getting the right things done on time. Some may say we literally have the world at our fingertips.

Social media is part of our lives, and it connects everyone instantaneously and sometimes even involuntarily. Most mobile users (your potential business partners) use several platforms like Linkedin Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram in order to stay up to date with the latest trends and news. Influencers and individuals are creating content to capture our attention and are always finding new ways to promote products, ideas or themselves. All this is available with a few clicks of a button on a touchscreen. Use your smartphone to empower your business and establish meaningful connections. Just be mindful of time sinkers and distractions that can have a big hit on your productivity and wellbeing.

No matter the business, at some point in your career, you will rely on your smartphone to either make a sale, pitch a product(s) or simply set a game-changing appointment. Besides your attitude and commitment towards success, a simple device used wisely, can become an indispensable tool that can help you in achieving your goals.

New smartphones are coming to the market soon and we will keep you updated with all the relevant tech news. have a great day and keep Techfiddling.

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