The best guide for buying a new smartphone in 2020

The best guide for buying a new smartphone in 2020

It is 2020 and you have decided on a new smartphone. Whether it’s business, photography or gaming, there are a lot of brands and models to choose from, many flashy advertisements to go through and many influencers to see. So while every phone is preparing that “outstanding feature”, remember there are always tradeoffs when choosing a spec or design choice over another. Here at Techfiddle, we want to provide users with 5 pillars on which to build the acquisition of a new device around.

Brand Value

When thinking of smartphone brands quite a few come to mind: Samsung, Apple, Motorola, OnePlus just to name a few. When you are buying a brand it has an inherent value behind it one that may or may not represent you. From highly customizable Android OS phones to the slick or weird design choices of Apple phones, brands resonate with consumers on a personal level. Surveys show that Apple is still the best cell phone company for business. Get to know your manufacturer before choosing to buy a phone. The internet is an open landscape for information so we encourage you to go for phones that have trust and customer support on top of their value list. This way you know your acquisition will last.

The Why: Business, Gaming, Social Media, Mix?

A Smartphone choice comes with the territory. If you plan to do a lot of mobile game streaming and compete, processing power and connectivity are going to be your top features to look out for. If you are an established or aspiring influencer and you’ll need to shoot good content (images, videos)  form your phone, you may consider choosing a good camera with a range of options. Business phones are made to impress with slick design and easy-to-access business tools to be efficient and effective at meetings. Even it’s a jack of all trades device you need, do your research know what to expect and find your why.

The system: iOS or Android

It is a never-ending debate. Which smartphone system is the best?

There’s are many operating systems on the market, but these are the top dogs in the mobile operating system world: IOS or Android. This has to stand for something and it is good to have a choice.

There are more phone manufacturers using the Android operating system making Android phones highly customizable. Apple holds tight control over its phone manufacturing. The iOS is exclusive to iPhones, with a more complex approach in regards to 3rd party application development for the iOS market, thus making it more secure. We suggest bearing in mind that both are great and a lot of it comes down to your preference at a given time. Try both!

Does it “feel” good?

You know that at one point in time you held a device in your hand that simply doesn’t fit. It is an intuitive element, that has a lot of neuroscience behind it, but it’s true. Make sure the phone that you are about to get has that intuitive design, right features, good for me feel because you will be spending a lot of time with it. For example, if you don’t feel comfortable while holding your new smartphone, or it keeps slipping out of your hand, or something feels odd with the swipe mechanics, how you are going to use it the whole day? Simple questions at first, but small irritations can become frustrations if unattended to.

The Right time

If your existing mobile phone is faulty or broken then it becomes a priority, but if you are planning to make an upgrade to a perfectly operational device ask yourself “Is this the right time or can I post-pone the gratification?”

The start of a New Year is exciting for all technology fans. Just think of the Consumer Electronics Show in Vegas and Mobile Mobile World Congress from Spain, both showcasing plenty of new phones and device features to come in 2020. These tech events generate hype, so resist the urge to get a new smartphone in the first two months unless budgets aren’t an issue and you are an impulse buyer. When a new smartphone arrives, older models decreases in value. As you know a two or three-year-old mobile device is still usable today, so think about it: a little patience can save you money.

In our opinion, it is wise to wait a few months before getting a new smartphone in 2020, but the decision is yours. Remember we are only a couple of weeks away from new releases, looking at you Xiaomi, OnePlus and Samsung, so the hype is real.

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