How to get palico gadgets

How to get palico gadgets

Monster Hunter World is a completionist’s dream come true. Capcom was on point in creating an RPG that rewards skill, exploration and patience. For any player coming close to the end game content, finding all Palico gadgets becomes a high priority on the to-do list. Palicos, these formidable battle companions and occasionally cleptomaniacs are crucial for the journey of becoming an apex level hunter. Part of getting the best gear in the game is unlocking the Palico gadgets – items used by your trustworthy friend to support the player in battle by healing, stunning, buffing, all the good stuff. Finding these gadgets in itself is exhilarating, but can be a bit of a hassle, so if you want to save some time, this guide will cover how to get them all, including the latest Tailrider Signal from the Iceborn expansion.

Palico Gadgets 

With the release of Monster Hunter World (MHW) Iceborne there are a total of 7 Palico gadgets available. Except for the Vigor Spray that comes as starting equipment for your Palico, players need to unlock them by completing different tasks in the New World, most revolving around the Grimalkyne tribes. Remember when you get a new gadget, you will need to visit your room in Astera or enter the tent at a campsite when on an expedition to (re)equip it. These gadgets are tailored to different playstyles also some being better suited for particular monster hunts than others. So without further ado let’s jump in.

MHW Vigorwasp Spray 

The Vigorwasp Spray is received at the start of the game and is your go-to heal gadget. As the name suggests the Palico summons a Vigorwasp to spray the player and rejuvenate their health points. It is especially useful when you are out of potions and consumables. The heal becomes more potent with each upgrade and at level 5 it allows players to request the heal manually. Upgrading it further to level 10 has the Palico summon a vigorwasp healing station that you can use at any time. In MHW Iceborn the gadget received an additional ability called revival. Once per expedition when a player faints, the Palico will cover the hunter with vigorwasp spray, getting you back on your feet with a small amount of health and ready to continue the battle. 

MHW How to get the Flashfly Cage

The Flashfly Cage is the second Palico gadget you can earn in Monster Hunter World. You’ll be able to get it by talking to the Lynian Researcher and receiving the Bugtrappers quest once you have all the campsites unlocked in the Ancient Forest. You can begin the sidequest by traveling to the top of the Ancient Forest with your Palico. Along the path in Area 17, behind the Rathalos nest, you will encounter a Grimalkyne, who will start running away from you. Find the Grimalkyne markings and follow him all the way to his encampment at the very top of the big tree. Once there he will reward you with the Flashfly Cage.

Now that your Palico has the Flashfly Cage it will be able to flash-bang monsters near you basically stunning them for a short duration. At level 5, you can manually summon it and your Palico will use a weaker version of the craftable Shock Trap in the targeted area. You still need to be careful against what monsters you use it against, as it is mostly better suited against larger ones. The new ability of the gadget in MHW Iceborn activates at level 11 called the Boombug cage. This trap when activated will not only stun enemies but also deal some extra damage. Extra in monster hunter is always sweet.

MHW how to get the Shieldspire 

To unlock the Shieldspire Palico gadget go to the Wildspire Waste, speak with the Lynian Researcher and help the Grimalkyne found in the lower levels of the map, located in the Northeast Camp (Area 15). He will ask you to capture his three friends using the capturing net. Follow the doodles and sneak up on the furry critters. There are different ways to sneak up on them, but the easiest method is to use the Ghillie Mantle, a specialized tool that conceals you for a short time. Once you have captured all three, return to the Grimalkyne leader to receive the  Shieldspire.

The gadget is a great defensive item used in taunting nearby enemies. The Palico will pull out a shield and start bashing it against the ground to draw the monster’s attention away from the hunter. As the increases in proficiency, it unlocks the bash ability later on. Upon reaching level 11 the gadget gets the Shieldspire stooge. The Polico will place an “inflatable scarecrow” that makes enemies attack it instead of the hunter.

MHW how to get the Coral Orchestra 

To get this gadget all you have to do is talk to the Lynian Researcher in the Coral Highlands in order to find traces of the Grimalkyne tribe in the region. Not just that, but you will also need to defeat them in a fight in order to gain their trust. Once the fight is done, head over to their camp behind the waterfall in area 11. They will ask you to complete the  “Troubled Troupers” side-quest that will result in hunting two Tzitzi-Ya-Ku. When the task is done, speak with the Grimalkyne again, become friends and receive the awesome Coral Orchestra.

The Coral Orchestra Palico gadget is a musical instrument that provides a variety of effects. As the proficiency of your Palico with this item increases, it will be able to summon a wind instrument that increases defense and attacks of allies, drums that add additional resistances to the buff, all the way to gongs that debuff monsters and boost player stats.

MHW how to get the Plunderblade 

It is a bit tricky to unlock the Plunderblade. First progress the main plotline until you gain access to the lower levels of the Rotten Vale. Head on over to Area 13 and speak with your old research acquaintance, Lynian. And don’t forget to bring some raw meat with you. This will be a true test of patience because after you finish the conversation with the researcher you’ll need to find a spot and wait for an Odogaron. Quietly observe as it finishes its meal and leaves a bony carcass. After the event ends you’ll see a Grimalkyne approach the skeletal remains and as soon as it spots you it will run away. Just follow it to its hideout and follow the advice of your Polico by dropping some Raw Meat on the ground in a designated area. Then stand back, to lure the furry beast out. The Grimalkyne will be very pleased with the finding and give you the Plunderblade.

The Plunderblade is used to snatch materials from monsters on attack, which comes in handy when farming for materials to upgrade the large variety of in-game weapons and armors. At higher levels, more Plunderblade uses are unlocked. At first, by using this gadget the Polico will jump at a monster stealing a small amount of resources/materials. As it upgraded to level 5 the Plunderblade can be thrown by your companion to get some better loot from the hunter’s prey. After level 11, the Palico will mount a targeted monster and get a rare piece of loot that you can later use in trade, crafting or upgrading.

MHW how to get the Meowlotov Cocktail 

We’re in the end game now. Now, before you can actually get the infamous Meowlotov Coktail, first you will need to have all the above Polico gadgets unlocked. Second, you’ll also need to reach the Elder’s Recess. Third, you will have fought and defeated Zohra Magdaros two times. Once all that is done, find the Lynian Researcher in Astera and he’ll give you a quest to find 10 Gajalaka tracks (doodles). This is a world-wide search and retrieve mission, spanning all the New World. A separate guide would be required where to find the buggers, but it is doable with some luck and exploration. Once you find them all return to the researcher in Astera hand over the quest and head out to the Elder’s Recess. The final phase begins in Area 8, during night time. Speak to Lynian and together you’ll have to sneak past the Gajalaka to their “secret camp”, hole in the wall. At this point, you should have the Ghillie Mantle in your inventory, but it can also be done by observing their dancing patterns and sneak up behind them unnoticed. Enter the hole and get your long-awaited reward, the Meowlotov Cocktail.

It is a DPS oriented gadget. Your Palico will send out barrages of flaming Gajalaka-style bomb cocktails at monsters. Straight forward to use and highly customizable its strategic added value is increased as it is leveled up.

MHW how to get the Tailrider Signal

A new Palico gadget appeared in the Monster Hunter World Iceborn expansion. It is only available in single-player and becomes available once you unlock all the other Palico gadgets from the main game. To get it, talk to the Lynian Researcher in Seliana. He will tell you about the Boaboa tribe in Hoarfrost Reach – an impressible bunch. Go there and hunt large monsters in front of Boaboas. Once they become impressed enough by your showcase of skills, you will get invited to their lair and their leader will give you a quest for hunting a Tempered Beotodus. Defeat the beast and gain access to the Tailrider Signal. This gadget lets you call nearby Lynians or Tailraiders to come and aid you in battle. Social, fun, efficient, deadly. What is even better it can be used in tandem with any of your other Palico gadgets.

Hunters, we hope this guide will help you in getting all the gadgets, and that you will put them to good use. Not only will it increase your bond with this trusty companion, but also grant you bragging rights. And as a note of multiplayer advice – if you are playing with friends, try to mix up the Palico gadgets for maximum efficiency in order to get the best thrills out of cooperative monsters hunting.

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