PS5 guide: everything you need to know

PS5 guide: everything you need to know

Indeed “Play has no Limits” as the PS 5 promises to be a marvelous jewel in the upcoming new console generation. The reveal event brought with it tons of games and console design choices, hardware specs while leaving consumers wondering what’s the final price for the PS 5 and when can we expect its release. Our guess is holidays 2020, but we’ll need to wait and see what Sony decides. Don’t forget it is still a matter of competition (looking at Xbox series X). This article looks to showcase the console’s main features, flagship games potentially present at launch and some pricing predictions 

PS5 choices

What immediately stands out is that the PS5 comes in 2 versions. Standard, meaning the “disk reading one” and a digital-only console. For consumers, this comes as good news, since if we are talking about price ranges expect the digital-only version to be cheaper (hardware production costs and all that). Nonetheless, these are futuristic-looking pieces of tech, that will leave consumers wondering if it is the best design choice. At Techfiddle, we find it fitting with the tech-infused future on humanity’s doorstep. Update: Sony also revealed the Black version of the console, that caters to the more classic PS color pallet, and is generally considered a better long-term option (it does better with scratches, patches ). P.s. Yes, the console can be placed horizontally in-case there is not enough space under the TV for a vertical option.

PS5: Solid State Drive

Without going too much into technical details a solid-state drive means faster loading times (close to “0” judging from the Ratchet and Clank Rift Apart) a feature game developers will be able to fully take advantage of when creating the next-level immersion in their games. Expect 2GB to be loaded in an estimate of 0.27 seconds – that’s speed. If 825GB isn’t enough remember that the PS5 is supporting external hard disc drives. 


The topic of CPU and GPU are all framed around performance (via Eurogamer).  PlayStation 5 uses AMD’s Zen 2 CPU technology confirming 8 physical cores and 16 threads delivering frequencies up to 3.5GHz.The GPU features 36 compute units running at frequencies that are capped at 2.23GHz, effectively delivering 10.28TF(teraflops). The PS5 will support 8K graphics, 4K graphics at a 120Hz refresh rate, and a stable 60 FPS (minimum) are great features to look out for.

Backward compatibility is also present, but it is currently unknown how many of the games from your Ps4 you’ll be able to play on this new machine. Exclusives like Uncharted, The Last of Us, Horizon Zero Dawn, and God of War should be a given, but it would be great to see how the Witcher 3 and Red Dead Redemption 2 will fare in the new generation.

What we should also expect in terms of noise/cooling is that after playing games for more than 30 minutes, the PS5 will upgrade from the PS4 jet plane engines ready to take off. 

The PS5 comes with a custom 3D audio unit called the Tempest. It basically generates 3D audio effects no matter what audio devices you’ll be using to play: headphones, or speakers it will deliver on the next level of immersive sound experiences.


Speaking of controllers – Haptic feedback technology is the key term. It allows for the PS5 controller triggers to become more or less resistant depending on the in-game tasks you’re using them for (i.e. pulling a rope, lifting an object, frying a weapon, etc.)

Overall the controller has been made lighter, and honestly looks to improve the PS4 controller formula with a more streamlined grip. The “Share” button has been replaced with a curiosity spiking “Create” button that will come with additional social features, details of which we are still waiting on. The PS5 controller comes with a built-in microphone, that will sound appealing to gamers, an obvious trade-off being the fact that it will drain the battery faster, but it is still a good addition to an already beautiful piece of tech. Couple that with a rechargeable battery that lasts longer than the previous controller and you’re ready for the next-gen console experience, as soon as it comes to market.

PS5: Price estimation

The price of the PS5 will be somewhere between $450 and $600, and as mentioned the digital system should cost less than the standard system featuring a disc drive. We don’t expect Sony to throw consumers on a spending spree in order to ensure the console reaches their living rooms, but we believe it is a “battle of attrition” as they expect for Microsoft to make their first move in terms of pricing


To cap things off, take a look at Epic Games clip of an unnamed demo that uses the Unreal Engine 5, which is coming in 2021. 

The gameplay of cinematic-jewel of a game is running real-time on the PS5, and it is nothing short of greatness.

For more context, the Nanite geometry system allows for “sub-pixel geometry”, that provides details to be rendered almost imperceptible to the human eye – like in real life. Take it from Epic’s CEO, Tim Sweeney, “We wanted to empower creators to create photorealistic scenes indistinguishable from reality”. I think they will deliver.

In terms of lighting, the “Lumen” system adds to the elements of realism, aided by incredible ray-tracing features. The sub-zero pixel detail means fine detail is imperceptible until your avatar moves closer in real-time, with the PS5’s hardware technology ( solid-state drive + GPU + CPU) able to provide all that information straight away, no loadings required. The next-generation is here.

To close things off, take a look at this system seller of a game  – Horizon Forbidden West. Can’t wait! Healthy competitions what inspires great companies, so we expect for both Microsoft’s Series X and Nintendo (still unannounced console) to only further innovate alongside Sony, providing us gamers with unforgettable experiences, that will be the foundation of stories and experiences we can bond over and share with the world.

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