Terraria: Journey’s End – revisiting a masterpiece

Terraria: Journey’s End – revisiting a masterpiece

Developed by Re-logic and released all the way back on May 16, 2011, Terraria became a staple for action-adventure sandbox games. At the surface a pixelated 2D game where you’ll need to gather resources and survive the night by building a house, the amount of complexity and depth this masterpiece came left players with a world where almost “everything is possible”. It was so well received by the gaming community that Re-logic kept updating the Terraria through the years, culminating in Teraria Journey’s End that arrived last week on all major platforms on (May 16, 2020).  The changelog is massive so we advise you to check out the official Terraria website if you want to get a sense of the scale and scope of Re-logic’s vision. It is breathtaking what dedication and team-effort can accomplish.

You won’t find complex storylines in Terraria: Journey’s end, the stories will become your own. Follow the simple premise – daylight time is your resource gathering faze where you need to make sure to have all the necessary materials to build a house that NPC will later settle. Nighttime is where the action begins. The world becomes more dangerous and infested with an astonishing variety of monsters. Once you get the basic combat loop going for you, you will start discovering new biomes with secrets and unique resources at your disposal. The cherry on top comes in the form of boss battles – ranging from skeletons, golems, to UFOs and the eye in the sky. This is where the difficulty curve ramps up and your mastery of the game comes into shape. It is one ride you don’t want to miss out on. If this is your first attempt at the game here are some of the basics you’ll need to know. 

Mechanically the player generates and controls a highly customizable avatar that moves in a 2D world. You’ll get the basic copper axe, pickaxe, sword that you’ll use to gather, cut and mine your way through the first day. Build a house to protect you from the creatures of the night and slowly you’ll see your base populated by NPCs that come with their requirements and services. The night is dangerous, full of terrors and comes with many monster drops. Gathered materials from the land and defeated foes to build furniture and crafting stations. As you can imagine workbenches, anvils and furnaces will ever expand the items list available to you. Terraria has an expansive tier-based crafting system. It requires players to complete a certain crafting station before getting access to the next one. Build and grind to your heart’s content. 

Now let’s talk about movement and exploration. There is a lot of platforming involved that only becomes better with time. The basic move set of left-right, up-down will become increasingly faster and higher / lower in altitude. There is a sense of accomplishment and progression with every new unlocked move set. For example, some areas can only be accessed once you learn how to fly.

Combat is tight, precise, and ranges from simple to bullet hell in later stages of the game. Variety is an understatement as you are never locked-in and can juggle through all the classes in-game by crafting armor sets and weapons that cater to your inner mage warrior warlock, paladin, archer, etc. Encounters are balanced in a way to give you the opportunity to grow in power whenever facing a new challenge. 

Entering a new biome can seem difficult at first. I personally got pummeled in my first attempts. Put your miner’s hat on, get resources, craft a better armor set, a new weapon and try again.  You will do better, the biomes will be conquered. Speaking of foes, Terraria is so rich in terms of complexity that you can build entire platforming sections, lure the bosses there and balance the odds in your favor. Preparation is key. 

You’ll be doing all that while surrounded by an absolutely unique atmosphere. All the ambient sounds like mining for minerals, to the background music are there to help you reach an almost meditative state. Mixed with exhilarating tension when facing a new challenge, it is exploring both specters of emergent gameplay… and does it great.  

You’ll see yourself slowly digging and cutting trees for basic resources to hoverboarding and defeating wyverns and alien space ships in the sky. In my experience, bosses = mastery and = the cherry on top. There is freedom of exploration and tons of rewards in Terraria.

To get a sense of Journey’s End scope, just take a look at its expansive wiki. It can answer most of your items lists and resources questions if you ever get stuck. Here is a glimpse on what Journey’s End added on top of the already content filled game:

  • Over 1000 items
  • New enemies and challenges
  • New mini-biomes
  • Golf as if fishing wasn’t enough to relax
  • “A new difficulty mode that will be “a true gauntlet for the best of the best” – scratch that hard-core player itch
  • “All new and enhanced weather effects”
  • The new special events like the Pirate Invasion and Frost Moon, 
  • Journey Mode – for crafting enthusiasts
  • Build towns with fast travel waypoints in case you made your NPC happy

It is possible to complete the game at its highest difficulty solo in case that’s your goal.

We recommend at least trying out to play with your friends online. It is a real “knights of the round table situation” where you’ll discuss who does what and where. Even if you have generated a medium-sized world, it is going to take you hours and hours to fully discover all of its biomes. Going with your friends in the opposite direction of the map will allow you to cover more ground and discover more resources faster ( with a chance of finding new enemy types too). Scout and gather info during the day, then meet-up at your base of operations to set your priorities and start digging. Most important, facing bosses with friends gives a higher chance of victory and is a real team effort if you want to work on your leadership skills. Be careful if you have hoarders or thieves in your party as items never disappear without a reason. Looking at you “speedy_burglar_69“. Bear in mind

Terraria has been out on the market for several years now. It has millions of community members and it is still growing. Join the discussion on forums or social media to get all your tips and tricks of the trade. Beginner friendly and positive, that’s how most of Terraria’s players are. It is also formidable for creatives that like building massive in-game structures, sculpture’s canvases, you name it. There are Youtube channels dedicated to Terraria’s creations, so if you have the time artistic & architectural skills, Terraria: Journey’s End gives you the tools to execute your vision. The world is at your fingertips as you endure, grow and thrive. As its Steam page says: Terraria has something for everyone –  Dig, fight, explore, build! Nothing is impossible!

With Journey’s end the vision of the developers for the game has come to fruition, you would do yourself a disfavor by not playing it. Right now ‘Journey’s End’ is only available on PC at the moment, but Re-Logic is working on a console version that’s going to be released later this year. Note: The original version is available to play on Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, PS4, and PC. 

Starting out with a 2 people team and growing to an established team of over 12 people, Re-Logic grew is responsible for one of the best games ever created. Gamers worldwide rejoice! 

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